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From the beginning, we can provide an assistance service to help you find the right plan for your project. When designing your plans, we respect every aspect of your needs and modular construction guidelines. Our experts are at your disposal for drafts, plan designs, and estimates. We can act as consultants to guide you throughout the building process or collaborate with architects and engineers to adapt and modify standard plans into a modular design.


Expert Maison has carried out many projects that show how modular design can adapt to any plan. As well as providing exceptional durability due to in-factory construction, it will reduce costs: factory workers work on regular schedules and your building parts are done in one block, in one place.



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Ask for a quotation
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Please note: We will provide a quotation but in order to do so, we have to speak with you by phone to ascertain your project' specifics. We will be happy to assist with a quotation then.