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A team of experts constructs your building in our factory. Your modules are protected from the elements at controlled temperatures and at a stable position. Chain production saves time and allows for the standardization and automating of many tasks. Our templates are used at all times to ensure conformity. Raw materials are strategically stored in our factory to keep them at hand’s reach and protected. Our production capacity is maintained at maximum levels and task coordination is optimized in order to meet our deadlines: we do not rely on subcontractors and all the experts involved work on-site. Your house is delivered directly to your worksite in protective wrapping.


Our double status of general contractor and module manufacturer makes us a prime partner in the construction industry. We build your project in our factory and assemble it on your worksite. This way, modules are delivered with much added value. Assembly and finishing are professionally executed in no time by our team. Plumbing, electricity, sprinklers, ventilation, insulation, facing, and roofing are just some of the many aspects that can be dealt with in-factory and assembled once on the worksite. We build modules for many types of projects, such as dormitories, cafeterias, administrative offices, recreation centers, or control stations. Quality is guaranteed and we provide a personalized after-sales service with high satisfaction rates.



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